Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comic Page Templates

This is a post I put up a few years back after creating some comic page templates as I moved into digitally creating my work.  I figure, why not share it again?  I know they have been of use to a few people out there and I hope they can be of use to more folk.

Click on the relevant image to download the zip file. Each template is in PSD format with layers prepared to create a simplified work file.


If there are any issues with these files please contact me so I can revise and update.


  1. I'm sorta newish/unknowledgeable about comic making. I was wondering if you could explain what you use the different guides you have set up for? Which area of the Photoshop Doc becomes the final page?

  2. Hi Joe,
    The inner box is known as your 'live area' and it is best not to allow your word balloons and lettering outside this boundary. It is also a good guide for placing the panels.
    The 'trim' area is where the page will be cut once printed so keep all important artwork in this area.
    The final box is the 'bleed area'. This is for if you have art that is going off the page you take it to this point remembering it will be cropped to the 'trim' line.
    Hope this helps, Joe (and sorry for the late reply).

  3. Here is another good explanation of a comic book page thanks to KA-BLAM...

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