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Comikaze 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge

Well, this is a first for me.  No idea what to expect and throwing myself in the deep end to see what will come of it  :)

To follow what other artists across Australia are up to, head here.

I will be set up with a few friends to keep each other company (and awake) as we pull each other through the 24 hours.  I'm sure it will be interesting and quite surreal by the last hours.  Who's crazy enough to be a part of these shenanigans?  That would be Paul Briske and... ah... myself only now.  Hah, some have pulled out once faced with the possibility of brain implosion.  Ah well.

Here I will post updates as I go.  Currently, I'm thinking I will only be able to produce 8 pages but we'll see how that goes.  If I can reach 16 pages I will be mighty surprised.

Now, let's begin...


We've just received our three words which are to be incorporated somehow within the story.  Those words are...



First page is scribbling together.  I've roughed out a rough idea on paper for the story and now attempting to put some visuals down.  Yeah, it's always ugly at this point...


Got the layouts down and the story is beginning to unfold... I think.

Also started working up from the layouts and finding a 'style' using a rough painterly technique...


Still awake and working ok.  Feeling a bit of weariness creeping in.  Here's the pages so far...


Been feeling some hurt but got a second wind coming at last.  Well, at least I hope...


Ouch.  We're getting there.  Less than 6hrs to go and I still haven't added a script.  Last minute?  You betcha  ;)

Yup... ALL DONE!!!

Here's the pages.  Please disregard the errors.  Hey... it's been 24hrs and that's my excuse  ;)

Now... I'm drinking beer with my 24hr pal, Paul Briske  :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bosto Kingtee 19MA

Well, look what arrived in the mail.  My brand spanking new Bosto Kingtee 19MA.  This I purchased for $850US from and it took less than a week to arrive in Australia via DHL shipping.

On first impressions it it sturdy and fairly straight forward to set up.  The instructions are in both English and Chinese and a bit jumbled up in places but still ok to follow.  There should not be any problems installing the driver as long as all other Wacom related drivers have been removed (more details on that below*).
The surface itself has a nice matt texture which gives no resistance or drag to the skin of your hand.  It does have a sheen that dulls reflections although when it is hit with too much light and can cause the screen to seem faded although this I find no different to the Cintiq 12WX.  As for viewing angles it hasn't the best although I don't see myself working on it from an weird angle so this does not bother me.

The Express Keys are a little clunky.  This may simply take getting used to but the Cintiq 12WX has a far better and more intuitive layout.  The wheel can be turned from above or below and allocated to two separate actions.  I have 'brush size' on one and 'zoom' on the other.
One issue I have been having is that each time I turn on the computer the Designer Pad program that is installed to define the key allocation reads 'USB NOT CONNECTED'.  This leads me to unplugging the USB cord and re-plugging it in so that it reads 'USB CONNECTED' and then it actually works.  A bit frustrating.

The pen is rechargeable which is a better alternative to a battery.  It comes with a USB charger and claims to have 80hrs battery life.  The nib is has a lot of bounce compared to Wacom pens which takes a bit of getting used to also.  Not too keen on it at this point although time will tell. The pen is also very thin and more of a comfortable grip would have been nice.  It has only one function button and there is no eraser on the end (which I never used anyhow).
There is no lag or jitter at all and I find it works on par with the Wacom 12WX.

The build feels sturdy as does the use of the stand.  I have no fears leaning on the surface as I work and find it easy to adjust.

Above are two photos I took after installing the driver on WinXP and Win7.  The first photo is from installing on Win7, connected via HDMI and as you can see there is no control panel for calibration of the pen or screen.  The second photo is after installing on a laptop running WinXP, connected via the VGA cable.  This method did give options in the Touch Control Panel for calibration.  I used the Windows calibration tool on my Win7 tablet computer which seems to have done the trick.

There is a gap between the screen and pointer which I find no different once again to the Cintiq 12WX.  I have not had the chance to compare to a higher model Cintiq and will add to this if I do get the chance.

All in all, I would recommend the Kingtee 19MA as a viable alternative to Cintiq.  There are issues which I have listed above but hey, I had issues with my Cintiq 12WX which cost $1400 and broke after only 2 years of work.  I'm looking forward to hearing other peoples experiences.

*Here we come to some driver issues which only relate to anyone attempting to run off a tablet computer that has ISD drivers installed.
I am running off a tablet computer which requires Wacom ISD drivers for its own pen to work in Photoshop and the likes with pressure sensitivity.  The ISD driver must be uninstalled for the Kingtee 19MA pen to work with its own pressure sensitivity.  This is slightly awkward as I now have to uninstall the ISD driver to work at home then reinstall the driver to work out of the studio (well, this is the only solution I have found so far).
Now, this is where I came into some issues which are probably related only to my running off a tablet computer.  Everything runs perfectly except in Photoshop (my main program) where the calibration became way off and the pen marks would flick across the page.  Here I found a weird discovery which fixes this issue.  Once Photoshop has booted up use the mouse to create a new layer and viola… the pen works as it should.  Not sure why this is the case but I am just glad to get the pen working as it should in Photoshop (this discovery took a full day of mucking about and plenty of swearing).
Another aspect I found from working off a tablet computer is that I had to disable ‘press and hold’ for right click.  This caused problems when working in Photoshop.
Hope this helps someone out there  ;)

Figured I might as well add my first scribble on the Kingtee 19MA  :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comic Page Templates

This is a post I put up a few years back after creating some comic page templates as I moved into digitally creating my work.  I figure, why not share it again?  I know they have been of use to a few people out there and I hope they can be of use to more folk.

Click on the relevant image to download the zip file. Each template is in PSD format with layers prepared to create a simplified work file.


If there are any issues with these files please contact me so I can revise and update.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Comic Creator Workshop

A huge thank you to all that came to my 'Comic Creator Workshop' and the WEA for facilitating the course.  

I had a blast and I do hope everyone left with more knowledge of their craft and maybe some new ideas and inspiration as to their own personal direction.

Here's a few snap-shots of the set-up and group of aspiring creators.  It became silent in the room as heads were bent intently over their art pages.

Another 'Comic Creator Workshop' is currently being organised through the WEA for October 2012 with Glenn Lumsden sharing his extensive knowledge this time around.  Booking early is essential as many people were left on the waiting list this time round.

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